Icelandic Media News Corporation; Mission Statement

Hello there,

We Write Because We Dare.

I just want to thank our new visitors for the patience to allow this website and it´s content to proceed and evolve in time. From now on this will be a news service , you can post any story in any language from any country , it only costs 250 USD.

For those who can´t come to terms with that I have for freely published articles. Enjoy!!!

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under construction

under construction

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What will the future of future Heroes seasons be like?

Hello there,

I guess it´s pretty much clear now that the future of the coming final seasons of Heroes is going to be absolutely fantastic.

So far I tried in my latest version of th9is post to predict what future seasons of Heroes would be like and I imagined a significantly

more important role that Mohindas Suresh would be playing – that of a superheroe who goes supervillain and who goes again being

just pleased with himself the way he is. Instead , the future took a dramatic turn. We got introduced to Arthur Petreli who lost everything due to his screwed up bad boy company director manners , and we got introduced to a turbo Sylar , and an ultra – powerful new villain by the name of Samuel Sulivian.

The way I see Heroes at present , Heroes´greatest asshole and least important character right now , is Peter Petreli. Many people who are Heroes fans may not agree with this and may feel that mr. Petreli has actually been doing better than in past seasons – but whether or not anyone likes it I guess it´s over for mr. Petreli who can either go back being a nurse after he has finished resolving his problems from seasons 1 and 2 , or just disappear , whatever Tim Kring and fans may want to do with him.

Then there have been the endless attacks on Tim Kring , including a strike against the comic shop by two Icelandic nutcases who weren´t satisfied with that Astrophia just doesn´t work and didn´t make it.

Plus , the comic book shop Astrophia takes place in is located in Iceland , not USA , and it´s blondine sucks.

I never gave Astrophia much of a chance , and I won´t. And Heroes just has too many heroes to be anything near like Astrophia.

And that works – Astrophia doesn´t work. Astrophia is for the generation who sat and did nothing. Heroes is for the generation who stand up and wanna do something.

It´s simply that simple. That is why I like watching Heroes. I will not stand up for those who seek to attack Tim Kring or discredit his persona.

If Heroes feels they need Peter Petreli he can go on being in seasons five and six , but of what use is he gonna be for those seasons if he continues to be like that?

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The UFO – End Time Illusion

Over the course of the past few decades , there have been attempts to make people go get scared over end – times. UFO´s have been used in such scenarios to terrify people into submission to ancient and obsolete ideas on so – called end – times. The insanity of this illusion is at least over 1000 years old , and it is sad that there are people who still think that there is some kind of end kind of times going on somewhere.

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Payment information concerning news publication on Icelandic Media Corporation.

Those seeking to publish news on are advised that it costs 250 US dollars to publish each news.

The news must quote source of information and all general rules concerning the publication of a good news story will have to be honoured.

If this does not apply , the news will not be considered reliable. Contain also any available information on websites where information in the news is quoted from , videos , books,  anything else to make sure copyright is not violated and that the source of the information can be properly evaluated.

When choosing to present the news independently , at least mention any websites , books , videos , TV or movie related items which can be considered a source of information for the news.

Articles can range from 1 to up to 24+ pages long.

If current rules concerning the publication of news on are in violation of principles then anyone will be free to publish information on anything they wish on the website and payment requests will be discontinued , as this  is my first attempt to launch my own corporation.

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To Our New Website Visitors Posting News on Things that Matter

Dear Visitors,

This is the Official Website of Icelandic Media. We are basically a news corporation which is maintained and represented so far mostly by a single individual.

Our goal is to present news fast and efficient and enable anybody to write or post news , including alternative news. Anyone who wishes to post an article must first send it to the following location for content analysis and overview;


Frakkastigur 26B

101 Reykjavik


Tel; +3545523979

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